Range vs. Range

Range vs. Range is game-changing training for Texas Hold’em. And by game-changing, I’m not just talking about your game. I’m talking about the whole game of poker. Range vs. Range isn’t about beating fish, it’s about beating regulars. It’s about beating players who are more experienced than you, so that you can move up stakes and win more money, faster. It really is revolutionary, it’s truly new and different, so don’t rush to download it now, take some time to read the rest of the website, and I think you’ll realize that this is exactly what your training regime has been missing.

If you are completely new to Range vs. Range, please see the Introduction. If you’ve heard about it but want to know more, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Range vs. Range offers two modes of training, Regular Training and Advanced Training. In both training modes, you play real poker against real people, online. Regular Training gives you the opportunity to work on specific aspects of your game, called “situations”, and tracks your EV for every spot you train, and compares it to everyone else. Advanced Training lets you play your whole range, not just your hand, and gives you unprecedented feedback on your play (as well as giving you all the benefits and opportunities of Regular Training). Here is an introduction and explanation of Regular Training, and here is an introduction and explanation of Advanced Training.

To see what a hand looks like in practice, take a look at Advanced Training Example – an example hand, which shows how a hand plays out, and all the useful information you can get out of a single Advanced Training hand on Range vs. Range.

When you’re done reading, take a look at the tutorial on how to use the software, then download it here.

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